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RGHS Hospital Alwar

Darshan Hospital is a affiliated by rghs in alwar. Cashless treatment for Heart, Liver, Kidney and all seasonal diseases. Dr. B. K. Saini is a experienced liver specialist in the city.

पेट रोग विशेषज्ञ अलवर

पेट की बडी से बडी बिमारियों का ईलाज अलवर में।
20 वर्षो से अनुभवी, Gold madialist, MBBS, MD Ex. Sr. Gastro Dr. B.K.Saini द्वारा Darshan Hospital Scheme 1, Pani ki tanki ke pass Alwar में।
✅सभी तरह की बिमारियों (दिल , दमा ,लिवर, अग्नाशय ) का ईलाज
✅सभी तरह की मोोसमी बिमारियों का ईलाज
✅सभी तरह की जाँचे किफायती दरों पर
✅सभी तरह के आपरेशन की सुविधा
Dr. B.K. Saini
MBBS, MD, Endo Specialist
ACG- (Fellow in American College of Gastroenterology)
Fellow in Gastroenterology SIR Gangaram Hospital, Delhi
Ex. Sr. Gastroenterology SDMH, Jaipur
Address- 42, Scheme 1, near pani ki tanki, Ambedkar Circle Alwar.
Contact – 9414017508.

Endoscopy and colonoscopy

Darshan Hospital is the premier super specialty care Hospital focused on delivering the highest quality care to the people. Dr. B.K. Saini(MBBS,MD,Ex.Sr. gastro.) Gold Medalist in endoscopy serve people at nominal price. Hospital provide facility of Endoscopy at Rs-1500 and Colonoscopy at Rs-2500. other services are..

पेट रोग व लिवर रोग की दूरबीन द्वारा जांच व निदान
मस्से, बवासीर की दूरबीन द्वारा जांच व निदान
आहार नली में फॅसी हुई चीजों को निकालने की सुविधा
आहार नली के रुके हुये रास्ते को खोलना
एंडोस्कोपी द्वारा, उल्टी में खून को रोकना, छल्ले लगाना, इंजेक्शन लगाना
आंत के अंदर गांठ, रसोड़ी, पॉलिप्स का दूरबीन द्वारा ऑपरेशन

Coronavirus disease COVID-19

How chloroquine will act as a prophylactic drug and is acting as a therapeutic agent against COVID-19 infection and Why Trump is saying chloroquine is a game changer in fight against the COVID-19.
Chloroquine acts on host target respiratory cells by:
Chloroquine increases the endosomal pH required for the virus- host target cell fusion. Increase in the pH disrupts the normal viral function.
In SARS-coronavirus, which is a sister to COVID-19, chloroquine was found to interfere with the glycosylation of cellular receptors of the virus. This interference eventually resulted in no association between the host target cell and the virus.
Chloroquine acts as an ionophoric agent for Zinc ions and thus increases the in flux of zinc ions into the cytoplasm of host target cells regardless whether the host target cells are infected or not.
All the above-mentioned mechanism is on the host cells and COVID-19 can not mutate and cause resistance to these 3 mechanisms. First 2 mechanisms inhibit the virus-target host cell union. Chloroquine results in disablement of ACE2 (Angiotensin converting enzyme 2) terminal glycosylation which leads to the morphological change; ACE-2 is a surface receptor found on target host cell. This results in the disruption in the association between the COVID-19 and target host cell as COVID-19 requires ACE-2 receptor to attach to a cell.
Because the action is on the target host cell, Chloroquine won’t develop resistance therapeutically. If a person uses Chloroquine as a prophylactic agent (500mg once in a week for adults and 8.3 mg per kg once in a week for children) against COVID-19 then, it will act pre-infection and post-infection. If a person does not get exposed to the COVID-19 infection after taking Chloroquine (say for 3 weeks) and then some viruses enters and try to infect target host cells, Chloroquine mechanism “a” and mechanism “b” will prevent the union of virus-target host cell. If some of the viruses enters the target host cell, there Zinc ions are waiting to adhere to the RNA dependent RNA polymerase enzyme of the virus and stops COVID-19 polymerization intracellularly. If COVID-19 mutates inside the cell several times, even then the Zinc ions will actively inhibit the viral multiplication inside the host respiratory cells, irrespective of the viral strain. Even if COVID-19 virus manages to escape from Zinc ions trap and releases from the host target cell cytoplasm into the interstitial matrix, intercellular space, and tried to re-infect some of the healthy target host cells, Chloroquine will prevent the re-union of viral genome with target host cells via mechanism ‘a’ and mechanism ‘b’ and the infection will halt in the preliminary stages itself and complications like COVID-19 pneumonia will not develop. Chloroquine molecules will not lose its effectivity in an individual pre and post infection.
Zinc is present in ample amount in the human body. In normal conditions, the Zinc is not present in free state in the cell. The increased level of Zinc ions is not toxic to the cells and cells excrete the extra Zinc ions into the extracellular space. Zinc is commonly present in red meat, legumes, nuts, milk, cheese, eggs, whole grains etc. Garlic increases the absorption and bioavailability of Zinc inside the body. So, some persons who aren’t taking Zinc rich foods in ample amount should eat zinc supplements or garlic daily.
Safety of Chloroquine is well tested as it is given for
Malaria prophylaxis
Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis
Lupus erythematosus
Now a days it is indicated into the SARS infection as it is a broad antiviral agent.
Through it ionophoric action for its zinc intracellular influx, chloroquine is also used as anti-cancerous drug.
The long-term use of chloroquine (4 years together) may cause its accumulation in the eye. There are some concerns of its use in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase enzyme deficient children but the recommended prophylactic and therapeutic doses, Chloroquine is safe to be used in these children. Some persons may complain of acidity and nausea, but it can be resolved if Chloroquine is taken post meal.
Prophylactic dose in malaria is 500 mg once a week in adults and 8.3 mg per kg once a week in children.
In these doses it will be effective against COVID-19 prophylaxis. The therapeutic doses against COVID-19 as used in China, America and India are Chloroquine 500mg BD for 5 days with other anti-viral drugs like Oseltamivir, Lopinavir, Ritonavir etc. and in complicated COVID-19 pneumonia cases, Chloroquine may be used for 10 or more days in the same amount.
Now comes the actual catch of its technicality to be used prophylactically against COVID-19 action. In India as it is a very cheap, safe and easily available drug and can be prescribed against the Malaria as a prophylactic drug as the summer season approaches. It will surely work prophylactically against the COVID-19 outbreak and we can use this opportunity to prescribe it in larger amount as Malaria is endemic in India. It will act on Malaria and COVID-19 infection prophylactically without it being included in the guidelines.
Trump’s excitement for chloroquine in his announcement can be related with the fact that American researchers are currently working on the Chloroquine drug. Many companies have donated chloroquine to the US for research purpose.
Hydroxychloroquine is less toxic but original Chinese work is based on chloroquine phosphate. Hydroxychloroquine can be used with equal efficacy.
If one starts prophylactically with Chloroquine, then one must stick with chloroquine and must not switch to hydroxychloroquine and vice-versa. This switch may result in increase QT interval.
Zhu N, Zhang D, Wang W et al. A novel coronavirus from patients with pneumonia in China, 2019. N Engl J Med 2020
Gao, J., Tian, Z. and Yang, X., 2020. Breakthrough: Chloroquine phosphate has shown apparent efficacy in treatment of COVID-19 associated pneumonia in clinical studies. BioScience Trends.
Vincent, M., Bergeron, E., Benjannet, S., Erickson, B., Rollin, P., Ksiazek, T., Seidah, N. and Nichol, S., 2005. Virology Journal, 2(1), p.69.
Kindly also follow precautions of the National advisory and the instructions given by our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji.

पेट रोग विषेशज्ञ – Dr.B.K. Saini Alwar

खड़े होकर पानी पीने के नुकसान
१ किडनी में खराबी
जब हम खड़े होकर पानी पीते हैं तो ऐसे में पानी बिना छने ही किडनी से बाहर निकलने लगता है इसके कारण किडनी में इन्फैक्शन या किडनी खराब होने का खतरा बढ़ सकता है |
२ गठिया की प्रॉब्लम
खड़े होकर पानी पीने से बॉडी लिकविध पदार्थ का बैलेंश बिगड़ने लगता है ऐसे में जोड़ों को पर्याप्त लिकविध नही मिल पाता जिससे गठिया की प्राब्लम हो सकती है |

पेट रोग विषेशज्ञ- Dr. B.K. Saini-Darshan Hospital Alwar

Liver Doctor – Dr.B.K. Saini

Be aware taking water otherwise it may get bad effect to your kidneys follow the below instructions while taking water.

Don’t take water while standing.

Take water while comfortably siting posture.


Liver doctor- Dr. B.K.Saini

Darshan Hospital provide the treatment of blocked food pipe. sometime people swallow something, their food pipe is blocked. The oesophagus can be temporarily blocked by a piece of food or other foreign object. People do not eat anythings & have to suffer from pain. Dr. B.K. Saini is the specialist, have good experience of handling such type of patients.

If the food pipe becomes narrowed, swallowing can become more difficult and painful, leading to a loss of appetite and often vomiting then should consult with doctor.

Occasionally an endoscope can be passed into the food pipe to show the narrowing. This is often suggested to confirm a diagnosis from a contrast scan or evaluate the narrowed oesophagus further if there is doubt about the blockage and can be combined with treatment during the same procedure


Fatty Liver

As we know liver is a largest organ in body. when fat builds up in your liver than it does not perform properly and this is problem to fatty liver disease. There are two types- NAFLD and alcoholic steatohepatitis.

Both NAFLD and alcoholic fatty liver disease are usually silent diseases with few or no symptoms. If you do have symptoms, you may feel tired or have discomfort in the upper right side of your abdomen.

Simple solution is avoid alcohol and take healthy food and consults with Liver Specialist or Gastro Doctor in your city.

Liver Problems

Swelling in the legs and ankles and Dark urine color may be the symptoms of live problems. if you are facing or seeing these signs it means you need to consult Liver Specialist Doctor in your city. Sometimes these sign are related to diabetes or heart problem but generally it related to liver problem.

Liver Doctor in Alwar

Liver Specialist Doctor in Alwar- Dr. B.K. Saini

It’s a unique hospital for diagnosing the liver condition to survive for batter health and immunity of human being body. Liver is the main powerhouse of digestive system to grow overall function of body. The healthy leaver gets you healthy organs of your body. It’s sick leaver effects on your hair growth, pigmentation and other dermo effects.

Overall Darshan Hospital challenges to keep fit your liver guard, this is the most prime hospital in NCR for care taking of stomach disease.